Friday, 14 September 2012

The War Begins! Battle of the Liquid eyeliners!!

Hello peeps!

Today I will be doing a review on Liquid Eyeliners. speaking of eyeliners, I love the Japanese brands that you can get from SASA, Watson or from the internet. Japan is one of the countries that produces the best cosmetics in the world!

Well, Eyeliners are like the key essentials of my daily make up routine! I like how it instantly make my eyes look bigger and intensify my entire look.

So today I will be reviewing these 2 Japanese brand Liquid eyeliners

1. Koji Dollywink Liquid Eyeliner
2. Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Marker Pen Eyeliner

Both colors in deep black.

Now let's start with Dollywink.

Packaging : Very CUTE!! I just love the cute bow and polka dots!
Price : RM55.90 (SASA)

I like the felt tip as it is very soft and thin !I can create thin/thick lines according to my preference :)
this is how the tip looks like..

as for the color, it is very dark and pigmented! and the tip glides on the skin so well I do not need to apply many strokes at all ! Very precise line!

Now. Let's move on to Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Marker eyeliner 

The packaging is also very pretty! ( It Look so glamorous!) 
The price is slightly cheaper than Dollywink.. you can get this from SASA or Watson
Price : RM49.90

So this is how the pen looks like. 
A very elegant looking black pen.. 

The tip is thicker than the Dollywink's one and the scent of the eyeliner kinda reminds me of a Sharpie marker pen... but the scent is not very strong so it is still acceptable for me. The tip also glides on very easily and the ink dries up instantly after i created a line out of it. 

As for the color, both Dollywink and Kiss Me has a very intense, well pigmented deep black. However, one thing that kinda disappointed me is the Kiss Me eyeliner ink actually kinda "spread" outwards after applying. (if you see closely on the image below. the line on the LEFT is the line i drawn using KissMe and there are these little small feathery lines at the sides of the line. but only noticeable when you look super super CLOSED UP !! ) and Dollywink leaves a clean, precise smooth line. 

I tried running my fingers hard to see if the ink smudges, and both are very smudge proof. Nothing came off eventually. 

I wanted to test and see both of the eyeliner's water resistant power. so I turned on the tap and let the water run on my hand for 30 seconds.( yes I did >_<) 

After that, I gently rub my fingers across the lines, surprisingly, Dollywink's line (on the RIGHT)  came off a little while the Kiss Me Heavy Rotation one ( on the LEFT) still stays put very well no matter how many times I rub it. 

So after trying out the water resistant power, I shall try them on a lil bit of oil and see if they came off easily to see how oil proof they are.

I used my Shu Uemura Cleansing oil and leave it on my hands for 30 seconds. 

After leaving the oil on for 30 seconds, I tried rubbing my hand in a back and forth motion for 30 times. The colors of the lines DID fade a little ( as in, very very little) but both did not smudge. 

And now the final test, Removing with a eye make up remover. :) 

I am using my trusty old L'oreal Gentle eye & lip make up remover and a piece of cotton pad.

I leave the cotton pad soaked with the make up remover on my hand for 20 seconds to fully dissolve the eyeliners. 

20 seconds later, I gently wipe the cotton pad once. And there you go! 
As you can see, the Heavy Rotation one still remains quite some amount residue on it, while the Dollywink's line is removed about 90%. 

OK. After trying it on my hands, I decided to try it on my eyes.
 And guess what, I totally DISLIKE the Kiss Me Heavy Rotation eyeliner. It HURTS my eye!! the tip is not as soft as the Dollywink one and it is way much stiff and hard to glide smoothly while applied on the eye and not the hand. It seems to work pretty okay on the hand but it did not do a good job on the eye as compared with the Dollywink eyeliner. And sadly, once I apply the Kiss Me Heavy Rotation eyeliner on my eye, I immediately feel a slight irritation :( and the product did not dry up as fast as it used to be tested on my hand (HOW COME?? ) and tends to stain my eye lids making my eye make up a total mess!! :( 

Because of that, I have to remove my entire eye make up and redo it again. But I will stick back to my trusty Dollywink liquid eyeliner. Despite the not-so water resistant as the Kiss Me Heavy Rotation marker eyeliner, I personally still prefer the Dollywink liquid eyeliner. It glides on perfectly smooth without any pain and irritation, very precise line and intense color as usual. :)


I must say,
 Both of the eyeliners have their pros and cons. Depending on your own preference and what kind of effect you are searching for, you really have to try them yourself to see the results and find what suits you best. Like what I experience now may or may not happen to you, Again, this review is based on my own opinions and experience. It doesn't mean that the Kiss Me Heavy Rotation is not a good cosmetic brand :) It just happened to be not suitable for me. 

If  I was asked to rate both of the products out of 10 , 
 Dollywink = 9.5/10
 Kiss Me Heavy Rotation = 7/10 

Thanks for reading!

-Good Luck-

Monday, 10 September 2012

Review: Shu Uemura TSUYA SKIN youthful radiance generator

Hi there , thanks for checking out my blog !!
I'm so so excited here !! this is the first post after I created this blog! :)
Hope you find this post interesting and helpful enough!

Today's review will be talking about Shu Uemura's newly launched product called TSUYA SKIN

*Tsuya = Ideal skin :)

 So what does this product do?
Shu Uemura claims that you will see the results of porceline-fine,petal-soft and translucent glowing skin in just 7 days!

Shu Uemura uses Rhamnose, that is a miracle molecule technology that can reactivate your skin's youthful power switch. It helps your skin to regenerate itself, making your skin livelier, healthy and smooth!  This is inspired by the  longevity power of the "Enju Flower"

this is the Enju Flower that is well known for its longevity life force! 

Do check out Shu Uemura's site to find out more about the product info ! :) 

Basically, this works like a serum that you apply BEFORE applying your own other facial serums. 
Erm.. confused?
 Let me explain it in another way.. you apply a make up base before you apply you favorite foundation so that it stays put and shows a better effect of the foundation.So the TSUYA SKIN youthful radiance generator  is like the make up base/ face primer, But it is a "base" for your facial serum or your moisturizer.This is to apply after your toner and  before your facial serum so that it can be fully absorbed and penetrated deeply into your skin, activating the benefits and essentials of the facial serum for a more effective result ! 

For a even CLEARER understanding if  you still don't understand... watch this video :)

 Unlike other usual products which usually state that you will see differences/results in 14 days. I find this 7 days challenge very eye catching as most of us wants to get perfect skin or see results fast right? 

So.. I bought one to try it out myself at the Mid Valley Shu Uemura outlet was being served by a nice, pretty salesgirl named Lavinge! She was being so helpful and patient throughout the time when I was trying out the product and asking this and that LOL. 

The price of the TSUYA SKIN youthful radiance generator is RM245 (30ml) 

so this is how the packaging looks like... 

A very simple white packaging :) looks decent and professional ! 

*sorry for the bad image quality >_< * this is how the bottle looks like. 
pearl white bottle with a slight pinkish tone :) i like it! 

and so, I did a test on my hands just to show how does the serum can actually change my skin instantly! :)
carefully getting some of the product from the bottle......

okay so i put too much.... LOL. but its fine since it is beneficial to the skin xD 
The serum has a glowy pinkish/ violet pearly color ( it looks so pretty!! ) and has a flowery scent.
the consistency of the serum is just fine, not too watery or slimy and gluey :) 

my hand, before and after 
you can see my hand looks instantly brighter and has a slight of shimmery glow on it after applying the serum.
and my skin feels soft and supple! :) 
*if you apply too much on the skin it might feel sticky a bit so 2-3 small drops would be enough for your entire face) 

I can't wait to start my 7 days trial!! will write a separate post about it after my trial!! 

^_^ hope you like my review!!